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Toys for Boys Wiki is an enciclopedia about Guns, Cars, Cannons, Tanks, Aircraft, Ships and all that can make a mans heart beat faster without wearing a dress.
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Toys for Boys SummaryEdit

Toys for Boys welcomes you all!. 


Our purpose here at Toys for boys is to find and document any and all Guns, Cars, Cannons, Tanks, Aircraft, Ships ever encountered in films, TV shows, games, comics, real life and basically anywhere. We know this is a hard and sometimes daunting task, but through time and perseverance we will go closer to our goal and purpose.


The items mentioned above are the main focus of this wiki. Their link must appear in their respective item type. Each one has, should and will have only one page. It is required to contain a description (canon descriptions are prefered, but if none are available, you will have to write it, based only on what is known about that ship). Also at least one picture is mandatory! Specs are optional but should be added if possible. Also it is required to mentioned where it first appeared. Also to be noted is the fact that we are discussing item types here.

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Other TipsEdit

Use the discussion page attached to each article if you have a problem with it. Also feel free to contact the person who made that page or one of the main editors of the wiki. Refrain from modifying other person's pages unless there is something seriously wrong about it.

Spell checkers have a free hand.

Linking can be quite tricky sometimes. Do not be afraid to ask


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